Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Luke, Bill, Nato, Sam, Mike

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tour To Awesome Fest IX... And Bill!

Hello everybody, hope you're well! Here in the Twin Cities, it's the hottest weekend of the year. Yeah, but we don't feel too bad, we all still remember how it was on tour in Georgia, Florida, Alabama... yeah, we don't feel too bad!

Ok, first big item: awhile back, we announced that in the (then) near future, Kyle Sando would be stepping down from full-time bass guitar duties in the Blue Diamond Band to focus on some other projects he's got cooking. Well, the passing of the bass guitar torch is now official. Bill Rohla - some call him "The Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rollha" - has taken up the mighty task of bringing the party*! Last night, Kyle Sando played a rockin' set with us, then handed Bill the bass. Bill played a shorter set, and then we brought Kyle back up mid-song during "Runnin' From The Law" to finish the song. Then we played "The Cowboy Song" by Thin Lizzy, because why the hell wouldn't we? So, we thank you, Kyle, for making the Blue Diamond Band what it was and what it is. And you're welcome onstage with us anytime!

Second, we are about to embark upon a tour, west to Awesome Fest Nine in San Diego. We love Awesome Fest and love heading out there every year to see a billion great bands, a trillion friends from around the continent and globe, and party down! Information about Awesome Fest can be found at the official website. Click now!

And check out the tour dates, here and to the right. All dates are confirmed:

Wed. Aug. 26th - Fargo, ND. Aquarium (downstairs).
Thu. Aug. 27th - Winnipeg, MB. The Handsome Daughter.
Fri. Aug. 28th - Minot, ND. Souris River Brewpub.
Sat. Aug. 29th - Medora, ND. Boots Bar & Grill.
Sun. Aug. 30th - Missoula, MT. The VFW.
Tue. Sept. 1st - Oakland, CA. Eli's Mile High Club.
Wed. Sept. 2nd - Los Angeles, CA. The Redwood.
Thu. Sept. 3rd - Los Angeles, CA. All Star Lanes.
Fri. Sept. 4th - Awesome Fest 9!!!
Sat. Sept. 5th - Awesome Fest 9!!!
Sun. Sept. 6th - Phoenix, AZ. Yucca Taproom.
Tue. Sept. 8th - Rock Springs, WY.
Wed. Sept. 9th - Denver, CO. Goosetown Tavern.
Thu. Sept. 10th - Lawrence, KS. The Replay.
Fri. Sept. 11th - Cedar Falls, IA. The Octopus.

Hope to see you out there, and to those in the Pacific Northwest: NEXT TIME! We're sorry!

*"The bass player has the party." - Paddy Costello of Dillinger Four, one of my favorite of his many quotable quotes, mainly because it's so very, very true. Bass=party. No bass=no party.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July Tour To Florida... And Back!

Hey everybody from Minneapolis to Miami*! You're gonna want to check this out... we're touring to Florida and back, starting July 24th and ending August 7th at Rib Fest in Mankato, where we are opening for CHEAP TRICK!!! and The Suburbs! "We're not worthy!" - us. Anyway, check the dates, hope to see ya!

Fri July 24th - Wausau, WI @ The Pollack Inn
Sat July 25th - Urbana IL @ Dingbat Dungeon
Sun July 26th - Chattanooga TN @ Ziggy's
Mon July 27th - Tampa FL @ Corner Club
Tue July 28th - Vero Beach FL @ Stamp Bar
Wed July 29th - Gainesville FL @ Loosey's
Thu July 30th - St. Augustine FL @ Nobby's
Fri July 31st - Athens GA @ Slop Fest!
Sat Aug 1st - Huntsville AL @ The Palace
Sun Aug 2nd - Carbondale IL @ PK's
Mon Aug 3rd - Cape Girardeau MO @ Pitters
Tue Aug 4th - Madison WI @ The Frequency
Wed Aug 5th - Milwaukee WI @ Ground Zero
Thu Aug 6th - Green Bay WI @ Gasoline
Fri Aug 7th - Mankato MN @ Rib Fest!

*ok, we're not actually playing Miami, but "Minneapolis to Miami" has a ring to it, and we're getting as close as we've ever been to Miami so there's that!

p.s. the live album is done and mixed... hopefully it comes out by Fest 14 on ADD Records? Maybe!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Recap: The Ottawa Explosion... And Beyond! Tour Was Amazing

Hi, everyone! We have just concluded our tour to Ottawa Explosion And Beyond, with tons of cool shows around the Upper Midwest/Great Lakes and a few in the Northeast USA, and of course the first-ever shows the Blue Diamond Band has played in Canada! Roughly 4,454 miles (or 7,168 km) later, we are home and prepping for D4th Of July...

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows! Some of our best times on the road happened on this tour. The three Canadian shows were SO FUN! We swooped Luke up from the airport in Toronto and played a killer show at The Magpie for our FIRST CANADIAN SHOW EVER. Ottawa Explosion was everything it lived up to be, with all those great bands who can't always just cross the border and come to the Twin Cities every week, ya know? The night in Montreal ending after the "hangover" show under the flyover, with pizza, Tremblay Beer, and singin'? That's my kind of night. (And in the morning, poutine, naturalement!).

Playing with Toys That Kill and/or Underground Railroad To Candyland four nights out of five starting in Ottawa was amazing! Those bands are so good... but TTK's set in Brooklyn at Acheron was one for the books. What a night that was! With Shellshag and Benny & the Jet Rodriguez and Hatrabbits... no wonder the place was at capacity.

We ran out of LPs on this tour... not once but twice! Thanks Mike Dumps for being on the ball and getting the first batch to Detroit in time, but there was no way we could've anticipated how hungry for our little album Canada was going to be. Sorry, Boston - next time we'll make sure we've got some vinyl for ya!

Daniel James (Indonesian Junk, Chinese Telephones, Daniel James Gang, more) filled in on bass for this tour, and did an incredible job of it, too. My old comrade-in-arms from my beloved hometown of Milwaukee WI truly lived up to his royal moniker: The King Of Rock And Roll. Here's a picture of us all together in Toronto next to a sign that "someone" altered... (l to r: Nato, Sam, Daniel, Luke, Mike)

This tour started strong, was strong up the middle, and ended strong - if a bit poignantly. Normal, Illinois has, for the past four years, been an ill-kept secret powerhouse for touring bands thanks to Zak and his Firehouse Pizza Pub. Everybody from Lucero to the Chill Dawgs have passed through over the years, and always the city and people have made the bands feel so welcomed and celebrated! Now, Firehouse has ceased doing rock'n'roll shows. We were honored to play the final show at Firehouse, and we're sad to see it become merely a place that serves food and drinks... no more of Thee Spirit Of Rock'n'Roll. Thank you for everything over the years, Zak and Firehouse and Normal!

And on that note, the tour dates for our next run are up now on the right side of this page. Check 'em out - we're going to Florida in July!

That's all,

p.s. thanks to Suki Nelson for taking us to PNC Park in Pittsburgh for that Pirates/White Sox game!