Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Luke, Bill, Nato, Sam, Mike

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How Ya Doin'?

Good afternoon, everyone! It's been wayyy too long since we posted BDB news here at the ol' blogspot, eh? Let's see, what's been going on in Blue Diamond Land...

We're home from our tour to Awesome Fest (thanks to everyone who came out - and man, Awesome Fest itself was GREAT as always, if you were at our show at Soda Bar, you know what I'm saying when I say that some shows will always be remembered, never be forgotten, and celebrated in band lore until we're all worm food! We love you all!), and after not much of a break, we're back to learning new songs, we have more shows coming up, and then at the end of October: Gainesville Fest!

Get your weekend passes now. Remember, the Mike Cranberry origin story come from Fest 9. Six Fests later, we've seen a lot of ACTION and we're ready to see some more, this time around! And in addition to our set at Rocky's on Saturday night (that lineup is KILLER - Whiskey & Co., Blacklist Royals, Arliss Nancy... yeah, you wanna be there), and our Pre-Fest shows in Tampa/Ybor (Wed. 10/26) and Nobby's in St. Augustine (Thu. 10/27), we're playing a special cover set at the Holiday Inn to close down Fest on Sunday night, to ring in Halloween! Oh, and don't miss Luke's other band, The Right Here, when they play Fest on Sunday at Tall Paul's! They play just before one of our absolute favorite bands, The Rivernecks (St Augustine), so make sure to mark that one in sharpie on your schedule. Even if you're using a smartphone app, USE SHARPIE, DAMMIT!

So... see you in Florida, most of you!

But some of you, we'll see in other places. For example: we're playing Indeed Brewing Co. right here in Minneapolis on Saturday October 8th as part of their annual Hullabaloo fall beer festival! It's always a great time - click here to get more info... HULLABALOO!

Also, we'll be playing Nato's old home town of Milwaukee on Friday October 21st, and Chicago on Saturday October 22nd. Both those shows are absolutely killer, so if you're lookin' to party down in that region, come on out!

And some album reviews...

Here's a really nice review of Live At Grumpy's, from Blurt Magazine!

Here's a really nice review of Live At Grumpy's, but this one's from New Noise!

The Missoula Independent also wrote a nice review Live At Grumpy's, right before we played Missoula!

Last thing. We do plan on recording our second studio album this winter. At this time, that is all I have to say about that!

Be excellent to each other, folks!

-Nato & the BDB

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Live At Grumpy's Now Streaming At New Noise Magazine!

Hello, friends and fans... we couldn't take the waiting anymore, so it is our pleasure along with ADD and Rum Bar Records and New Noise Magazine to announce that Live At Grumpy's is now STREAMING online for free, for your listening pleasure!

Click here if you want to live..rock'n'roll! 

The album will be available on LP and CD very soon, and for download, too. Keep an eye out for an official release date, and official release party in the Twin Cities - we'll do our best to let you know!

Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band like to thank everybody who was at any of the shows we recorded to put together to create this album. You guys made the party SO COOL! Andy Mathison at Immortal Audio, our engineer, we gotta thank you too. And last but not least, everybody who was working at Grumpy's and putting up with our antics for the entire month... THANK YOU! And I'll take five beers and five shots, please.

What a blast! Now it's time to make another studio album, eh?

Some new shows have been added to the "shows" section of this page, too. We've got some crazy stuff coming up in the Twin Cities in the next month, before we leave town for tour. Want to see us at a gas station? Want to see us at a food truck rally? YOU CAN!

SAD NEWS THOUGH: Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band apologize profusely but we are no longer able to play New Alternative Music Fest this September. But you should all go! The lineup is incredible. Click that link for more info!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Spam! (Summer Update)

Hello all, it's been about a month since we shared some news with ya, so why not celebrate the 79th birthday of Spam (born July 5th, 1937) with a website update? Yeah!

First, hang tight for that Live At Grumpy's lp/cd release! It's juuuuust around the corner. What a relief it will be to finally have it out! The record release party/events will be announced soon as well. My magic 8-Ball tells me August is the month...

Second, hello The West! We're touring all over in those parts in August and September, and of course playing Awesome Fest 10 too, so San Diego will SHAKE! From Omaha to Denver to the Pacific Northwest to San Diego to Arizona to Montana to home again, that's our route. Some of the dates are now up on the right-hand side of this page, so check 'em out! A few more will be announced asap.

(P.S.I'm just throwing it out there: if you'd like to bring Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band to your town, and you live in the central northern Rockies... get at us. We have a couple spare dates we can work with!)

New Alternative Music Fest - go to NAMF this September in Asbury Park!

New Alternative Music Fest (NAMF) is an INCREDIBLE three-day music festival put on by Don Giovanni Records (but not limited to only DG bands, naturally) in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It's from Friday September 16th thru Sunday September 18th, and Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band is playing Saturday September 17th. You REALLY want to be at this. Screaming Females, P.S. Eliot, Tenement, Downtown Boys, Mikey Erg, Shellshag, and many many more bands and artists are going to make this arguably the most epic, far-reaching and visionary of fests. Get your three-day passes now!

That's all for now, folks, but when we have concrete Live At Grumpy's release party plans, you'll know as soon as I do!



Now enjoy this picture of us playing "Earth Angel" as Marvin Berry's backing band at our friends' Billy and Paige's wedding. I still can't believe it!