Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Sam, Mike, Luke, Nato, Matt

Monday, December 2, 2019

Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band on tour!

Hey, y'all! We're hitting the road to the Northest US and back to spread the Flyover gospel the only way we know how - check out the list of tour dates, and if you don't see your city zone mentioned, be advised that we will be making every effort to visit you in 2020. Allright!

Wednesday 12/4 - Chicago, IL - The Owl

Thursday 12/5 - Pittsburgh, PA - Howler's

Friday 12/6 - Long Island, NY (Bethpage) - Mr. Beery's

Saturday 12/7 - Asbury Park, NJ - House of Independents (opening for The Ergs!... this show is sold out, apparently)

Sunday 12/8 - Queens/NYC, NY - Windjammer

Monday 12/9 - Boston, MA - O'Briens

Tuesday 12/10 - Rollinsford, NH (near Dover) - Sue's

Wednesday 12/11 - Baltimore, MD - The Sidebar

Thursday 12/12 - Columbus, OH - Cafe Bourbon Street

Friday 12/13 - Cincinnati, OH - Northside Yacht Club

Saturday 12/14 - Carbondale, IL - PK's

Sunday 12/15 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar

All shows start at rock'n'roll thirty o'clock pm. Any more details you need... use The Google (tm)! Or an alternate search engine of your choice.

We'll have copies of Flyover on LP and CD for sale, along with a few other merchandise items you'll dig! OK SEE YA LATER,


Tuesday, October 1, 2019


HUGE NEWS: Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band are happy to announce that our second full-length studio album - Flyover - will be released to the world on Friday November 15th of this year!

That wonderful front cover was painted by the incredible Pierrette Montone, and we are so floored by how it turned out. (That's Cranberry in the fringed jacket!)

It's a ten song LP, five per side. Right now, we're streaming our first single off it: L.P.'s Yard, a song concerning the metaphorical afterparty at the end of the universe (or at least Gainesville Fest). You'll wanna check that out TODAY...

Flyover will be a Don Giovanni Records release - DG-181 if you want specifics. You can preorder it on vinyl or any digital platform here, as well as find it out our own bandcamp page. I say act fast! Supply is limited! But of course, you'll be able to pick it up from the best record stores (as well as our merch table at shows) after November 15th. A version will be released on compact disc in the near future as well, via Rum Bar Records (the label we've worked with for CDs before).

Don Giovanni is one of the best indie/punk/whatever labels around, having released amazing records for many years now for artists and bands such as Screaming Females, Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires, Mikey Erg (hi Mikey! We can see you from across the discography!), Sheer Mag, Laura Stevenson and the Cans, Dusk, and more, going all the way back to the early-mid 00's when I happened to meet a bunch of funny, amazing weirdos in a band called The Ergs! from a town called New Brunswick, New Jersey*. Ahh, glory days, well, they'll pass you by... but then you wind up on the same label as the guys who used to be in The Ergs!'s new bands, and hey, what's new?

(*technically I think we met in Chicago at the Fireside Bowl? And technically I think they were from places like Old Bridge, Sayreville, Perth Amboy, maybe Newbridge NJ... you tell me, Joe, Jeff, and Mike)

Here's the complete track listing:

1. Under The Flyover
2. L.P.'s Yard
3. Michelle Of The City
4. Phoenix, Arizona (1989)
5. Milo And The Bars
6. Demolition MAn
7. Standing On The Corner Alone
8. The Roadrunner
9. Disposable Camera
10. The Avenue Of The Saints

We are SO excited for you all to hear this thing! In the way that happens, we probably took a little too long between the making the first 95% of the record and the final 5%. But I guarantee you, we stuck the landing, and on November 15th you will know what I'm talking about! (There's going to be a second single in a few weeks' time as well. Did I just bury some kind of lede? Eh, who cares.) Note that this record was made by the lineup of the band from 2017, which means our current bassist Matt didn't play on it - Bill Rohla handed bass duties, and we thank him for that. And that's why there's an image of Bill in Pierrette's great painting, not Matt!

The record release party is Saturday November 16th at the Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis. That'll be followed by regional shows, and then a tour to the northeast and east coast in December, so we'll keep you posted and you stay tuned allright? Allright! Cheers, everybody! See ya soon,

Nato & the BDB

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New song - Celina Vacilando!

We've got a new song for your listening pleasure courtesy of Motorcycle Pot Luck Records, who previously put out "Dangerous" and "Midnight In Memphis" on a split cassette with State Drugs.

And so, what are you waiting for? Check out "Celina Vacilando!"

It's on a comp called Because We Still Can, which is top to bottom real cool, so you'll want to do some digging in to that, too!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

People Get Ready...

Hi folks, here's a very short update to let y'all know that despite having not posted news since April, there have been BIG THINGS brewing behind the scenes. Stay tuned in early September for a huge announcement regarding Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band!

Hope you're having a good summer! We have been...

That is all.

Friday, April 12, 2019

"Dangerous" and "Midnight In Memphis" - now at the bandcamp page!

Good evening from Minneapolis, on a typically snowy April evening! (Well, typical for April of 2018 and 2019, it seems like). This is a short little update letting you know that you can get "Dangerous" and "Midnight In Memphis" now direct from our bandcamp page, Both songs are from the same recording session as our upcoming album Flyover, which is still on track for a summer release. We're working to get it - and us - to you!

And stay tuned for a bunch of show announcements. May in Minneapolis is a crazy month (and June, and July, and August... but especially May) and we'll be at Art-a-Whirl in Northeast Minneapolis at Indeed Brewing Co. again, as well as a few other surprises. See ya out there!

Friday, January 4, 2019

New Music! ...and Important Band News


Good afternoon, everybody. It's official: Motorcycle Potluck Records has released our split cassette with State Drugs, also available as a $4 digital download! Check it out and get it! We're offering a couple of our tunes to tide you over until the album later this year. Anyway, it's out now, woohoo!


And now, time for some big news in the Blue Diamond Band department. After more than three years holding down the low end, Bill Rohla will be leaving the Blue Diamond Band at the end of the month to focus on his post-graduate education, a journey which is also taking him out of the Twin Cities and therefore making impossible any attempt to continue as the regular bass player in the band.

With Bill, we crossed the continent, from Moncton, New Brunswick to Vancouver, British Columbia. From Vero Beach, Florida to San Diego, California. And most importantly, we made our second studio album - Flyover, out on Don Giovanni this spring. With Bill, we accomplished so much, and we are grateful for his service and wish him the best as he works on becoming the next Clarence Darrow! (Or at least the next Spotswood William Robinson III).

Thanks for all the good times, Bill!

Our last show with Bill as a regular member of the band will be Thursday January 24th at Palmer's Bar, in Minneapolis, MN. Come on out and wish him a fond farewell!

In the near future, we will begin a search for a full-time Blue Diamond Band bassist. Specifically, as we plan to do some touring this late spring and summer once the album is out, we'll be seeking a rock'n'roll individual who emits only good vibes and can be a solid road dawg... and we'll take it from there. I suppose you could email if you feel like throwing your hat in the ring! Couldn't hurt, right?

Anyway, thank you once again to Bill for all the good years, miles, melody, rhythm, complete absence of bass soloing, and the good times in the band. Cheers!

And to all you BDB fans... be excellent to each other in this new year. See ya soon,

-Nato & the BDB