Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Luke, Mike, Nato, Sam

Friday, January 4, 2019

New Music! ...and Important Band News


Good afternoon, everybody. It's official: Motorcycle Potluck Records has released our split cassette with State Drugs, also available as a $4 digital download! Check it out and get it! We're offering a couple of our tunes to tide you over until the album later this year. Anyway, it's out now, woohoo!


And now, time for some big news in the Blue Diamond Band department. After more than three years holding down the low end, Bill Rohla will be leaving the Blue Diamond Band at the end of the month to focus on his post-graduate education, a journey which is also taking him out of the Twin Cities and therefore making impossible any attempt to continue as the regular bass player in the band.

With Bill, we crossed the continent, from Moncton, New Brunswick to Vancouver, British Columbia. From Vero Beach, Florida to San Diego, California. And most importantly, we made our second studio album - Flyover, out on Don Giovanni this spring. With Bill, we accomplished so much, and we are grateful for his service and wish him the best as he works on becoming the next Clarence Darrow! (Or at least the next Spotswood William Robinson III).

Thanks for all the good times, Bill!

Our last show with Bill as a regular member of the band will be Thursday January 24th at Palmer's Bar, in Minneapolis, MN. Come on out and wish him a fond farewell!

In the near future, we will begin a search for a full-time Blue Diamond Band bassist. Specifically, as we plan to do some touring this late spring and summer once the album is out, we'll be seeking a rock'n'roll individual who emits only good vibes and can be a solid road dawg... and we'll take it from there. I suppose you could email if you feel like throwing your hat in the ring! Couldn't hurt, right?

Anyway, thank you once again to Bill for all the good years, miles, melody, rhythm, complete absence of bass soloing, and the good times in the band. Cheers!

And to all you BDB fans... be excellent to each other in this new year. See ya soon,

-Nato & the BDB

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