Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rap Session

Hey there, Nato here. It's been a month-plus since I updated this thing, so I felt like I should have a rap session with you readers. Cool? Cool.

Here's what's been shakin' in Blue Diamond Land...

1. Our album is almost done! (I'm updating from the recording studio, Sound Gallery, in downtown Mpls right now). We couldn't be more excited, seriously! I know I'm using too many exclamation points but jeez, I think it's appropriate... also please note that we are also currently recording our stuff for our upcoming split 7" with Japan's finest, Your Pest Band. That's gonna rule.

2. I just got back from a road trip around the central-western states, and I want to thank everyone who came out to my shows in Minot ND, Missoula MT, Denver CO, and St Louis MO. I had a great time - and so did Sara Pette, she of the duet-singin' with me. I look forward to bringing the whole Blue Diamond Band out west, once the album is out.

3. Awesome Fest 666 is SOLD OUT. Sorry if you didn't get a ticket. And to those who did buy a ticket... thanks! Awesome Fest 666 will be awesome-r with you at it. It's looking like the BDB will play Friday or Saturday, and the Used Kids will play Saturday or Sunday.

4. We have a short tour coming up in mid-August, centered around the greatest annual event in North Dakota's history: Why Not Minot? Fest! Check out the dates on the right hand side of this website. Featuring: our first-ever show in Omaha! And our return to Duluth, which was the first place the BDB ever played outside of the Twin Cities.

5. Keep your eyes peeled here for more updates, shows, and the like. We'll be playing Gainesville Fest, and touring down to it and back from it... if you live along that route, duck!

Thanks for your time. Keep cool in the hot sun, and enjoy that bratwurst at Miller Park. Tacos!

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