Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Is Here/Ottawa Explosion This Summer!

Hi y'all! I know it's been kinda silent hereabouts since the end of February. Well, not silent where WE are - we've been playing a ton of that joyful noise we make - but silent on this website. Nothing to report, really... except for Ottawa Explosion! One of the coolest punk/indie/power pop/garage/rock'n'roll parties that anyone throws, everywhere... and we're playing! Ottawa Explosion is June 15th thru 18th in Ottawa. Check out their website! Get your Explosion-long passes now! Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band can't wait to reunite with so many of our Canadian pals, and international travellers too!

Our album, Live At Grumpy's, is still coming out "soon". Pressing plants are pressing slow these days. Viva la vinyl! Hallelujah, major labels clogging up the works with collectibles? Well, whatever, that's the reality. We haven't chosen a proper record release show yet but we promise that as soon as we can, we will! It just might be that there's a soft release as well... if you're in the Twin Cities, DO NOT MISS THE SIGNS.

Lots of shows are up on the right hand side of this page, including our Art-a-Whirl dates. Those are going to kick ass! We're not quite ready to announce the official schedules, but when we're allowed to, we will.

Summer isn't that far away, and that means our summer touring is almost ready for prime time. Check here soon for June tour dates to Ottawa Explosion and back (and beyond, I suppose?)! Full tour dates will be up within the week.

And for those true believers out there, a message from yours truly (Nato): Happy Baseball! May your team reign triumphant, except against the Brewers* and the Twins**! And let's get baseball back to Montreal by the time we play there this June, ok? Hey, anything can happen... PLAY BALL!

-Nato & the BDB

*it will be somewhat easy to reign triumphant over the Brewers this year, unfortunately for me

**Twins should be allright. We made a song for Byung-ho Park... it will be posted in the next update!

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