Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bent Outta Shape Code Of Ethics

As you might be aware if you've listened to it online, we cover a song by the late great Bent Outta Shape on our new album Promises To Deliver called "Rudes And Cheaps". All well and good. Today, while doing whatever it is I do, I stumbled across something I had all but forgotten: the Bent Outta Shape Code Of Ethics. I highly recommend adopting it as your own... at least for the Summer of 2013...

In case you can't read any of them, that's:

  1. Just Gotta Level (with 'em)
  2. Stick to your guns
  3. Don't tread on me
  4. Don't tame/be tamed (no taming)
  5. Let your true colors shine
  6. Sometimes, ya gotta get ripped (off)
  7. Must yearn
  8. Don't make a stink
  9. Smetimes you gotta make a stink
  10. Gotta get a grip
  11. Roll with the punches


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