Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Get Your Live Band Karaoke Requests In! (plus new link to cool article)

Hey everybody, the Grumpy's Residency is upon us. Every Saturday in May, we'll be rocking the side room downtown. Every night there are cool guests and friends and things going on. These residencies always kick ass! And they're always free. And they have beer. (The beer isn't free, but it's BEER.)

And the third Saturday, May 17th? LIVE BAND KARAOKE (hosted by noted local punk karaoke guy DJ Sinclair, infamous from his work at the Hexagon and the Seward Cafe)! Email three song choices to, and we'll take a look and figure out which one works best for live band karaoke. Then we learn the song, and on Saturday May 17th, we become your band for that song! Trust me, it's way more fun than a little computer playing the music for you. Get your requests in now, because although we're not sure what the deadline is (it probably varies depending on how complicated the song is)... THERE IS A DEADLINE! The party starts when PerPlexed Fest (in NE Mpls) ends, around 10:30pm. Again, email song requests to

Last but not least, Nato is part of an article on Musician's Friend where a bunch of bands from across the stylistic spectrum talk about strange obstacles and events that have cropped up on tour. Click this link to read, it's good stuff: On the Road Again: Tips While Touring

See ya downtown, crazies!

-Nato and the BDB

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