Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Sam, Mike, Luke, Nato, Matt

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back From Japan

Hey! We just got back from Japan, me and Logan did. And it was a blast! We played a ton of rad shows, enjoyed hanami (celebration of the cherry blossoms in spring, with booze) under the sakura (cherry blossoms), saw a million great bands, enjoyed a puro yakyu (Japanese pro baseball) preseason contest between the Yokohama BayStars and the Orix Buffaloes, ate a bunch of sushi (sushi) and tempurah (tempurah) and other stuff, climbed Bizan (Mt. Eyebrow) above Tokushima... well, there'll be some photos soon. Maybe even a tour diary.

But in the meantime, the Milwaukee Brat Fighters have disbanded... for now... but one day, we will ride again! Across Japan, or across the USA, the Brat Fighters will never die.

(l. to r. Shotgun Satoru, Kaibutsu, T-Boy, Horace Wilson)

In other news, our split 7" with Your Pest Band is out now. Get it from us at shows, or from ADD Records. And the LP is completely mixed and off to be mastered! That's pretty cool, eh?

Allright, spring is here, let's party! Later dudes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hello From Japan!

Logan Stang and myself have landed in Japan! Hello there. We're just chillin' out at our friend's house (T-Boy from Your Pest Band - Satoru is here too), eating rice clumsily with chopsticks and listening to the Parting Gifts and Otis Redding. Today is our BIG PRACTICE. It's really big, because if we suck, we'll be banished to the island of wind and ghosts.

Here is a picture taken by T-Boy of me, Logan, and Satoru. Satoru is holding up our special "Milwaukee Brat Fighters" t-shirts. You can't quite see it... but anyway, here we are

Check out our tour, on the right hand side of this page. We're pretty much sticking to central and southern Japan. For this tour, we are adopting the Seibu Lions are our puro yakyu team of choice. Gambare Lions! Gambare Hiroyuki Nakajima, #1 Shortstop In Japan!

See ya later...

Friday, March 1, 2013

March News - Brat Fighting The Man (and more)

Evening, everybody. I hope you're all having a good March. Me? The jury's still out regarding the overall month, but the first day was pretty cool. Anyway, I've got plenty of Blue Diamond Band News to report this time around. So, read on up and take notes if you need to. We've been busy, folks.

First off: our split 7" with Your Pest Band is officially OUT! You can order it from ADD Records (, and I do recommend doing so if you don't live in the Twin Cities region (for obvious reasons), or whatever particular part of Japan that Your Pest Band are from (possibly Tokyo? Tokyo is huge, that's not specific enough). And, if you want to hear it, well, here ya go - click away!

Four sweet jams by bands with the word "Band" in their name...

And here's the cover art:

Let's see, what else... Our album release date has been pushed back to May, and it'll most likely coincide with some TC-area show or other. The gears of justice grind slow, but they do grind fine albums. (Fine grind albums, even.) The mixes we have sound awesome!

Once the album is out, we'll be hitting the road for a week or two in June, mostly to points east. Ohio, NYC, those kinds of places. Look for a much longer tour - including our first real West Coast road trip - in late July and August.

And, that does it for this update. Thanks to everybody who came to our Grumpy's residency shows - we all had a great time (and so did the bar)! Looks like we'll be back for the next Black History Month. And expect another Live Band Karaoke in the not-too-distant future...