Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Sam, Mike, Luke, Nato, Matt

Friday, June 28, 2013

A Quick Bit Of Download Codes News

Hey everyone, real quick: if you bought an album from us and it didn't have a download code, well that was our fault. But now! We have them.

Email for a download code, if you bought an LP and want one. If you didn't buy an LP, it would be unethical to ask for a free download code, wouldn't it? Not that we'd hate you or anything, we've all cut corners here and there in our lives... just be nice to us, ok? Thanks.

Tour's awesome! See y'all out there,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Is Here, And So Are We

Hey everyone! Nato here, on this hot summer afternoon, writing to you from a bunker buried in the heart of Dinkytown, Mpls. We have our new LP available now - Promises To Deliver has arrived!

On Saturday June 22nd, we're playing two record release parties: an early one at Hymiue's Records (3820 E. Lake St, Mpls. 3pm. All-ages. With Lutheran Heat), and a later show at the Turf Club in St Paul (1601 W. University Av, St Paul. 9pm. 21+. With The Frozen Teens, and The Right Here). You'll be able to get your copy of our new album on LP at both shows.

The CD version, which Eager Beaver Records from Japan (along with ADD here in America) is putting out, will be available soon. For now, we have a ton of download codes which you can use to put a digital version of PTD on your computer or iThing or whatever.

There's been a little bit of cool buzz around this thing, as well. Yikes, Minnesota Public Radio even took the time to talk to me! In the "Press Box" section of this blogspot/website (on the left side of the screen), I've added a couple links to interviews and reviews. But for the sake of convenience, here they are, front and center:

MPR interview with Nato and article

Hymie's Records reviews Promises To Deliver

CityPages's Gimme Noise interview with Nato and article

Anyway, enjoy the weather, get some good outdoor stuff in when it's nice, maybe find a porch to watch the thunderstorms from at night, and we'll see you soon - after all, we're touring the nation this summer and we know you're out there. Thanks for supporting this band, everyone. We really appreciate it and we love you all. Be excellent to each other, follow the Bent Outta Shape Code Of Ethics, and I'll see you in hell.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Bent Outta Shape Code Of Ethics

As you might be aware if you've listened to it online, we cover a song by the late great Bent Outta Shape on our new album Promises To Deliver called "Rudes And Cheaps". All well and good. Today, while doing whatever it is I do, I stumbled across something I had all but forgotten: the Bent Outta Shape Code Of Ethics. I highly recommend adopting it as your own... at least for the Summer of 2013...

In case you can't read any of them, that's:

  1. Just Gotta Level (with 'em)
  2. Stick to your guns
  3. Don't tread on me
  4. Don't tame/be tamed (no taming)
  5. Let your true colors shine
  6. Sometimes, ya gotta get ripped (off)
  7. Must yearn
  8. Don't make a stink
  9. Smetimes you gotta make a stink
  10. Gotta get a grip
  11. Roll with the punches


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free audiostream of PROMISES TO DELIVER available now

Hi, here's a quick check-in. For those of you inclined to such activities, you can now stream our new album, PROMISES TO DELIVER, in its entirety for free courtesy of Scene Point Blank!

Just click the link, and you'll sail away into relatively uncharted sonic waters (uncharted 'cause not too many people have heard the record yet...!)

PROMISES TO DELIVER on Scene Point Blank