Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
L to R: Sam, Mike, Luke, Nato, Matt

Saturday, June 21, 2014

On The Road With The Blue Diamond Band

Hi y'all! We have departed dear old Minneapolis (late), and rocked Milwaukee (very late), and all is well! Our friend Corey made us amazing breakfast tacos (a chorizo mix, deep fried tortillas... yeaaah!), we've enjoyed Simpsons episodes, and now Mike Cranberry is doing the Mr. Burns walk at me! Argh!

So, if you're out there, east of here and south of here, maybe come see us? We're playing for the next two weeks, check out the tour dates on the right hand side of this page. Let's have a party like Wanda Jackson!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Big Ol' News Dump For June

Hi everybody, first off we want to thank everybody who came to our shows at Grumpy's DT this May! You all rule the school, and now class is dismissed!

Now, on to the Big Ol' News Dump! Lots of things going on in Blue Diamond Land. First off, THE SECOND PRESSING OF PROMISES TO DELIVER IS NOW AVAILABLE! Oh, have we been waiting to announce that! You can order it online from Dead Broke Records and probably ADD Records, too. There are 100 on blue vinyl, and 100 on clear vinyl, so act now! Or reasonably soon. Anyway, this means you'll be able to buy them from us at shows, too, so why not come out to one or five?

Second item: much tour information is now up on the right hand side of this page! Scroll down to check out where we're going on our Cuando El Gato Duerme, Los Ratones Bailan Summer Tour. Look out, Northeast! Look out, Southeast! Look out, Midwest! All the venues are currently confirmed but one, and we're listing bands and other info as quickly as we can.

Here's a flyer you might see in the near future at your local fun spot:

Allright! Summer's here and the time is right for rock'n'roll in the streets, so look out for Blue Diamond Activity because it's happening! Party on!

-Nato & the BDB