Banda Macho!

Banda Macho!
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Once more! February Residency At Grumpy's!

Hi everybody, it's the middle of January, it's cold outside even by Twin Cities standards, but it is with a warm heart and clear eyes and all that stuff that I am happy to announce yet another upcoming Saturday night residency at Grumpy's in downtown Minneapolis! We always have so much fun at these. Hell, last time around, we recorded a live album! It is our hope that we will have this available on LP for you at our residency finale on Saturday February 27th.

As usual, each night, the music will start at 10pm, with a short opening set by the Blue Diamond Band. Then, two of our friends' bands will play, and then finally at the end of the night the BDB comes back to close it down all raucous and radical... except for the night we do Live Band Karaoke! That night, it's just karaoke all night long. If you don't know how it works, here's the deal: you email two or three song requests to, the band picks the one that works best, and then on the night of Live Band Karaoke, when your name is called, YOU SING THE SONG! Backed by Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band! Oh, you can also specify whether you'd like to sing earlier or later in the night, as we will be doing two karaoke sets. Last, there is a "master list" of cover songs we know for whatever reason. If you've seen us play anytime in the past year or two, you probably can guess what some of them are, but others might surprise you! I'll post that list online a couple weeks before LBK night.

Here's the day-by-day breakdown...

Saturday February 6th will feature Lutheran Heat and The Boot!

Saturday February 13th will feature Diver Dress and Xerxes Palomino!

Saturday February 20th will feature Live Band Karaoke all night!

Saturday February 27th will likely be the release party for our live LP called Live At Grumpy's! And this last night of the residency features The Right Here and Mono In Stereo (IL - Rum Bar Records, ex-Mulligan Stu which is a band a couple of you probably remember...). We will also be performing a tribute set to Motorhead/Lemmy Kilmister!

Again, we're always so stoked to do these, and hope you can make it to one or two of them. They're always free, 21+, and they start at 10pm every Saturday night in February.

-Nato & the BDB


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