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Banda Macho!
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

A Revue of Reviews of Flyover

Happy New Year, both Gregorian and Russian/Orthodox! (In my neighborhood, there are still plenty of people who celebrate both.) It's going on two months now since Flyover has been out, and reviews seem to have been very positive! Starting with the amazing longform from Faster and Louder blog, I've collected them here, in link form, and pulled a choice quote or two.

Use these links to impress your friends and family... and to impress UPON your friends and family that picking up a copy of Flyover (LP/download from Don Giovanni, CD from Rum Bar Records) is damn near mandatory if they like rock'n'roll! Cheers!

Faster and Louder - "Flyover demonstrates why I'm such a fan of Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band. It's an album full of memorable characters, compelling stories, and eternal truths - all presented in the context of great American rock and roll. This is an album that could be enjoyed equally by a Fest attendee and your (admittedly hip) grandfather. It's full of songs that remind us to savor the remarkable moments in our lives and take the time to get to know the people we encounter in this world."

Also Faster and Louder put Flyover in their Top 25 albums of 2019, and the band in general made their Top 10 bands of the 2010s!

New Noise Magazine - "...there are few modern groups playing today that can nail such a brilliant mix of classic and current guitar rock. The fact that the lyrics are as impressive as the music is a bonus."

Jersey Beat Magazine - "...ageless heartland throwback Nato Coles sings for the heroes, the outlaws, and the working men and women who like their rock loud and proud. A+"

And we made Jim Testa's Top 10 of 2019, woohoo!

Maximum Volume - "To brass tacks. Imagine if the Hold Steady were jamming with Thin Lizzy and Springsteen and The E. St Band. That’d be the best band in the world, right? Brother, put “Under The Flyover” on and tell me I am lying.

(That would be a pretty damn good band! - ed.)

Voix de Grenoble - (this review is in French, so sorry but no pull quote this time! You'll have to translate it yourself. De rien.)

Stay free, friends,



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    قوالب جبس للبيع في مصر

    طارد للماء مصمم لمقاومة الرطوبة.
    نحن نتحدث عن اللوح الجصي مع امتصاص الماء المنخفض للغاية ، وهو مناسب بشكل خاص للبيئات الرطبة قوالب جبس للبيع في العراق (الحمام ، منطقة الاستحمام ، المطبخ ، الغسيل ، الأقبية).
    في هذه الحالة ، يتم معالجة المنتج من خلال عملية خاصة ، ويصبح أقل حساسية للرطوبة والبخار.